How Miga works (for you)

Here’s what to expect on your journey to better heart health.

Week 1

Get started with Miga

Begin by taking our brief eligibility quiz. Next, have a free intro call with a Miga onboarding team member to learn more about us and confirm your insurance coverage. From there, you’ll schedule an intake visit to review your medical history and goals, order labs, and start building your care plan.

Month 1

Meet your Miga care team

Over the course of your first two visits, you’ll be paired with a dedicated medical provider, health coach, and dietitian. With your medical provider, you’ll review your lab results and discuss treatments. Your health coach will help you establish goals and stay accountable to them. Our care navigators are also here to help with insurance and appointments.

Months 2 & 3

Kickstart your progress

In your first visit with your registered dietitian, you’ll share more about your nutrition goals, participate in a nutrition assessment, and receive personalized nutrition recommendations. You’ll continue to meet with your medical provider, health coach, and dietitian monthly to make progress on your goals.

Months 4+

Achieve your health goals

This is a long-term partnership, not a one-time consultation. After your three-month kickstart, you’ll see your medical provider and dietitian once every three months, or more often if needed. You’ll meet with your health coach twice per month to stay accountable to your goals. You may always message your care team and track your progress through the Miga app!

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What does progress look like with Miga?

Explore two different journeys to find out.
Olivia a Miga Patient
Olivia, 64
Lubbock, TX

Olivia came to Miga because she’d been struggling with obesity and hypertension since menopause. She had just become a grandma, and she didn’t want to miss out on any of the amazing moments ahead.

First Week

Olivia got her baseline labs done and started using her blood pressure monitor and scale. Her Miga care team noticed that her blood pressure was too high, but they reassured her that they had a plan to help her bring it down.

First Month

Olivia started on obesity medication and worked with her Miga dietitian to improve her food choices. She also started paying close attention to her daily step count in the app. She began to lose weight and feel better.

First 3 months

A few months into her journey with Miga, Olivia felt more energized and confident than she had in years. She kept losing weight — and keeping it off.

First 6 months

As her blood pressure improved with weight loss, Olivia was able to take fewer antihypertensive medications. She was already less stressed about her health, but this felt like a major milestone. 


Olivia is still working with Miga to keep her weight and blood pressure at goal. She plays with her granddaughter every day. 

Carlos a Miga Patient
Carlos, 45
Raleigh, NC

Carlos came to Miga for help managing his diabetes. He was also overweight, especially since becoming less active after a back injury a few years ago. He liked his primary care provider, but he’d had trouble getting specialized care.

First Week

Carlos got his baseline labs done and started using his blood pressure monitor and scale every day. His Miga care team let him know that he had high cholesterol, and told him that they’d designed his plan to help bring it down.

First Month

Carlos started on a better regimen of medications for diabetes, plus medication for his cholesterol. His Miga dietitian helped him put together heart-healthy shopping lists and recommended safe, easy ways for him to start exercising.

First 3 months

A few months into his journey with Miga, Carlos’s hemoglobin A1C was steadily improving. His wife remarked that he seemed more upbeat than he had been in years.

First 6 months

Carlos’s hemoglobin A1C reached goal, and he started losing weight. He and his wife were now taking long walks together every morning before work.


Carlos continues to work with Miga to keep his cholesterol and weight at goal. He’s even playing tennis again.

Find out if Miga is right for you

To confirm your eligibility for Miga, just complete a quick form to tell us about your health and your insurance coverage.